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The sound identity through an antenna has become one of the major elements of the communication radio stations.
Some music notes easily remembered an identifiable voice, a catchy and rewarding slogan.... Radio must exhibit effective and consistent sound identity to exist and differentiate facing ever greater competition.
Puissance Production and his team of musician’s composers support full production of your sound identity, with an original and unique result…
Here are some of the productions that we can offer you:

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Puissance Production brings a new freshness in the world of sung jingles by creating simple melodies that you clearly identify and retain. One voice or choir harmony, instrumental bases sounding pop-rock, house, r'n'b, slow etc. ..

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Need melt on your antenna? Puissance Production generates fully integrated sweepers into your programming allowing seamless transitions flow.

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Want to increase the brand awareness of your station profitably and without disrupting your flow of music? Power Intros pose smart and fast way the identity of the station on the introduction of a song from your playlist in the style of the original artist.

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Rapid transition between two records, identify your issues, simple or mixed voices, Puissance Production creates spoken jingles tailored to your size.

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Doing things ... and claim! Your flagship programs, your events ... Your listeners will be aware of all thanks to these messages from 20 to 40 seconds to broadcast your pubs opening screens.

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Need to fill your advertising screens? Or simply summarize your musical format? Puissance production makes your medleys, mixed tempo or "cut", containing the most broadcast antenna on your title.