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In a world where music is everywhere, consumers are more demanding on the issue of sound. All major advertisers do and you can do it too. Strategic question of identity and differentiation, creating an original musical code is a demanding process that you receive the benefits for years.
Sound design enhances the evocative power of the brand and makes 'memorial penetration' because the memory is often hearing.
Think Sun, Darty, But, France Telecom ... and you immediately hear the jingle sound that identifies them. These three notes (often) are the substance of an elaborate musical code was devised in collaboration with the advertiser and respect its values.

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A jingle that sings, which holds a melody that listeners associate directly to your radio: it is the strength of the sound logo: A truly personalized musical signature, recurring in all your cladding elements for a strong identity.
It is the keystone of the musical universe of the brand, some notes and arrangements informs the consumer about the universe that the brand wants to convey.
The sound logo is declined according to the needs of use of the mark (radio spot, TV spot, radio jingle, bed only, phone waiting etc ...)
All operating, copyrights and distribution rights are transferred to the brand.
OPTION: Ability to create remixes of the general sound logo according to customer usage.

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Today, 80% of trades are made by phone.

The phone must reflect the brand's image and allows content to be well received by your clients, spread music in line with the territories of the brand, to avoid lassitude, projecting a dynamic image, and transmit the communication of the brand.

A national standard message is created; it may be declined for each point of sale.