Choosing the right voiceover is a milestone in the realization of your audio productions because it is what will allow to introduce quickly a message, a context or problem, often a difficult task in the allotted time (a few seconds) .
For your message to be effective, it must have good, striking, and recognizable voices.
Puissance Production has the best professional voices for your advertising needs, covering radio, telephone on-hold ... etc.
Our actors are selected after listening to their demos and proof of experience in the field of recorded voice ...
To receive access codes to our entire catalog of male and female voice actors, please contact us by email.

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Work with Puissance Production actors is the guarantee of a single, serious, creative and efficient service.

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To help you find the right voice, we asked all our voice to record the same texts (played text an institutional text) without musical accompaniment. Thus, you can concentrate on the essential: the tone, presence, expressiveness and the expected result for your message.